UNESCO widmet Tag der Muttersprache 2005 der Braille-Schrift und den Gebärdensprachen
Den heutigen internationalen Tag der Muttersprache widmet die UNESCO dieses Jahr der Blindenschrift Braille und den Gebärdensprachen der Gehörlosen. Am Sitz der UNESCO in Paris findet eine gemeinsam mit der World Blind Union und der World Federation of the Deaf organisierte Ausstellung zu diesem Thema statt.
    Koichiro Matsuura, Generaldirektor der UNESCO, weist in einer Pressemitteilung zum internationalen Tag der Muttersprache darauf hin, dass jede der schätzungsweise 6.000 derzeit auf der Erde gesprochenen Sprachen das kulturelle Erbe der Menschheit bereichert. Hier Auszüge aus seiner Pressemitteilung:
The fact is that, as a medium of learning crucial to the exercising of every form of social skill and professional activity, language plays a central part in building knowledge societies [...]. So teaching a mother language and multilingualism are the cardinal points of a sustainable development that safeguards each individualís attachment to his or her native culture while ensuring that everyone can open up to others and reap the benefits of an increasingly interactive world. [...]
    To this effect, I would like, for this sixth International Mother Language Day, to draw attention and pay special tribute to the Braille and sign language used by millions of women and men of all ages and across every continent as tools of integration, communication, learning, information and expression. [...]
    I call on political decision-makers, civil society actors and all those who cherish the vast wealth that linguistic diversity represents for humankind to organize events throughout the world to celebrate, with creativity and generosity, each and every personís mother tongue, and the languages of one and all.
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[Text: Richard Schneider. Quelle: PM UNESCO. Bild: UNESCO.] www.uebersetzerportal.de

Koichiro Matsuura